Sorbitol (70%)

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 Sorbitol 70%

Sorbitol is  often used instead of glycerine as it similarly retains moisture and provides that velvety feel to the skin. Sorbitol besides being more resistant to bacteriological degradation is also less vulnerable to mould growth than many other humectants in cosmetic formulations.

Chemically sorbitol is a water soluble polyhydric alcohol with a sweet taste. It offers high formulating stability in addition to its humectant properties. It is used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products such as toothpaste, foods such as sweets and chewing gum.

 Sorbitol is typically produced by the hydrogenation of dextrose. The dextrose is derived from starch via an enzymatic process. The resultant clear dextrose solution is then reacted with hydrogen gas in the presence of catalyst in the reactor. The resultant sorbitol is subsequently subjected to a number of purification processes such as carbon treatment ion exchange etc. The final concentration of Sorbitol (70%) is achieved in evaporators.

Note: this product has a density of 1.29 g/mL thus 1kg is less than a litre! 

Whilst the products are of the higest standards and we maintain all care and repack under GMP we do not certify that the products are of food grade


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