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Rosemary Oleoresin Extract (ROE)

rosemary oleoresin extract
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Rosemary Oleoresin Extract (ROE)

Rosemary Oleoresin, also known as Rosemary Oil Extract or ROE is an oil soluble, natural extract used as antioxidant ( to reduce rancidity) in natural oils. Its potent antioxidant properties are attributed in large part to carnosic acid, one of its major constituents. Rosemary Oleoresin is available with varying levels of carnosic acid. This extract oleoresin is highly concentrated and standardized to 7% carnosic acid for the highest level of activity, making its use at very low percentages both effective and economical. Typical use levels are , 0.2 - 0.5 mL to 1000 mL of oil.

As with any antioxidant, to be effective Rosemary Oleoresin must be added to oils when they are as fresh as possible, before oxidation has started. Additionally, it must be thoroughly dispersed in the oil.  In addition to Carnosic Acid, Rosemary Oleoresin also contains Rosmarinic Acid, Rosmaridiphenol, Carnosol, Rosmanol, and Rosmaridiquinone.

Ingredients: Rosemary Oleoresin, Sunflower Oil, Datem

Technical description:

Botanical Name

Rosmarinus officinalis

Product Type



Light brown viscous liquid

Carnosic Acid Content

7% minimum

Solvent used for Extraction





Soluble in vegetable oils, ethyl alcohol


Insoluble in Water


Rosmarinus Officinalis [Rosemary] Leaf Extract


Rosmarinus Officinalis

CAS Number


Recommended Use Level: 0.02% - 0.05%

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