Potassium Cocoate

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potassium cocoate
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Coconut oil potassium soap / Potassium Cocoate

Potassium Cocoate is a soap which can be used as a base for "natural" type shampoos, hand soaps and other personal care products. It's an all natural liquid surfactant made from 100% whole coconut oil and potassium hydroxide resulting in a liquid soap. Because of the great flash foaming properties of potassium cocoate this product is an excellent primary or secondary surfactant for use in liquid soaps, shampoos, and scrubs. Not meant for use above 35% in  formulations.

Our product contains glycerine derived from the coconut oil which acts as a natural moisturiser. When used at less than 10% in the formulation, potassium cocoate works well for baby shampoo and body wash.

This surfactant can be easily diluted with botanical or distilled water alone. If you're feeling more adventurous you may also add our SLSA or  to obtain a finer foam structure and you can dilute the subsequent surfactant mix with water in combination with small amounts of fragrance, oils, and/or herbal extracts and essential oils. Simply combine and mix thoroughly.

CAS # 61789-30-8

SYNONYM : Coco fatty acids, potassium salts; Coconut acid, potassium salt; Coconut oil acids, potassium salts; Fatty acids, coconut oil, potassium salts; Fatty acids, coco, potassium salts Potassium coconate

FORMULA  R-Na  where R is the coconut fatty acid



Potassium cocoate is used in a wide range of products and formulas including liquid soaps, shampoos, cleaning products and much more.

Product features

  • Naturally derived surfactant
  • Made from Coconut Oil
  • Contains high level of derived Glycerin
  • Colour neutral
  • High foaming performance
  • Produced from Vanuatu Fair trade oils

Can be used in a diverse range of applications from personal care to household application

Classification(s) / Application(s): Surfactants; Anionic; Personal Care; Specialty Markets; Detergent

Personal Care - Cosmetic Ingredients ,

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