Palm Wax Icicle

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palm wax starburst icicle
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Palm Wax - Icicle

This specialist crystallising palm wax shows its distinct Icicle "snowflake"pattern throughout the candle but especially on the outside, whilst maintaining a completely smooth and silky feel to the touch. Even without any colour addition the crystaline structure of these candles will be stunning.  Light, primary, colours will enhance the starburst crystal shapes even more.  Note that variations in the mould shape will change the crystal pattern of this palm wax, so it becomes a interesting challenge!

In silicon moulds, the palm wax mimics the smallest detail of the mould and adds its own spectacular crystal pattern.

Wick size: Use 1 size larger than recommended.

Form: tiny white beads about 2mm diameter - excellent to use as candle sand. The beads can be poured into any container around a wick assembly - light it and that's an instant candle! 




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