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Oil-Thix is a vegetable oil that has been hydrogenated to 'solid' form. Soluble in triglyceride oils (lipids), it is ideally suited for thickening oil soluble products and can be used in balms, butters, salves and scrubs.

When working with Oil-Thix, it is important to ensure that both the oil and the Oil-Thix are heated together until they are about 75 ˚C to ensure that the Oil-Thix is completely melted (even though it may look like it is).  Otherwise, you may find that the butter produced will be crystalline or grainy. 

Creation of products such as Avocado butter is as simple as melting 20 % Oil-Thix with 80% Avocado Oil, mixing well and allowing it to cool. Firmness can be adjusted by varying the percentage of OilThix added to the oil. Make a sample formulation using a 20:80 ratio, as noted above and let it cool.  Check the consistency of the resulting butter and if you need it firmer, increase the mixture to a 25:75 ratio, if you want it softer try a 15:85 ratio.  Experiment with the ratios until you achieve the consistency you require.  Each butter may require a slightly different ratio to achieve the desired consistency you want.

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