Neon Red

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neon red
neon redNeon RedNeon Red
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Neon Red (15mL)

A luminous Fire Red, aqueous, non-bleeding, pigment dispersion for soap colouration.  This preparation is specially formulated to provide an optimally dispersed bright vibrant red colour which can not be achieved with standard pigments.  We supply this produced in a liquid formulation for easy dispersion with ultrafine particle.  Can be added to melt and pour as well as CP soap to achieve special brite red colouration

This is a aqueous pigment dispersions and therefore is not suitable for Oil based products.

Product Application


Melt & Pour Soap 
Cold Processed Soap
Yes for wash off applications
  •     Eye area -No
  •     Lip Products – No
Liquid Soaps
Pigment may settle over time unless viscosity is over 4000cP@20 °C

Colour Range; colour shade varies  and can be adjusted depending on intensity required



Produces a Neon Red at full stength, but a vibrant pastel red colour at low concentration in CP Soap.

Best dispersion achieved when mixed in at trace just before thickening occurs.  To ansure good dispersion we suggest to use stick blender at trace.
pH tollerance: Stable in high pH products such as CP Soap
Colour stability: This colour is not UV sensitive and not prone to fading (test before making production batches)
Colour Migration: Non bleeding, suitable for embedding, layering and swirling


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