Lavender spheres

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Lavender spheres
Lavender spheresLavender spheresLavender spheresLavender spheres
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These Lavender Spheres are dry, spherical beads mainly consisting of Mannitol, Lactose or Xylitol and micro-crystalline Cellulose. They may contain pigments and up to 5% of water-insoluble active ingredients (Lavender). They are not soluble in water but they soften in final products containing water and they can be easily rubbed into skin or hair with no residue being left.

Product Benefits of Lavender Spheres

  • Lavender Spheres are optically striking beads which soften with water but retain their shape.
  • When rubbed onto skin or hair, they break easily, releasing the active contents. They leave no shell or residue.
  • Spheres do not contain preservatives.
  • Spheres are stable over a wide pH range, 3.0 to 10.0
  • Spheres are stable to light and a wide range of temperatures.
  • Spheres are extremely safe and non toxic.
  • Lavender spheres provide an optical visualization of active ingredient
  • Hard and solid in bulk (easy to process, no water, no preservatives)


Application Areas

  • gels (e.g shower gels, shampoo, handwash)
  • lotions
  • creams
  • Melt and Pour soaps






Typical use level

from 0.5 – 2.0%

Lavender spheres can be used in many types of cosmetic products, both clear formulations (gels, shampoos, liquid soaps, antiperspirants, deodorants) and emulsions (cleansers, creams and lotions, hair conditioners) and even in Melt and Pour soaps.


Different coloured spheres can be used in the same product for an enhanced visual effect. Formulas should be formulated so that they have sufficient yield values to keep the beads suspended, usually this is possible with the aid of common associative thickeners or in high viscosity emulsions.  Spheres can take several hours to soften in a formula. They should be added at the end of the manufacturing process with low shear mixing, but can be safely pumped (using a membrane, peristaltic or piston pump) and filled without breakage.

Lavender Spheres soften best in formulas with at least 30% available water content. In low water-content formulas, or in formulas where other ingredients (surfactants, polymeric thickeners, etc.) tie up most of the water, the spheres can be pre-soaked in water to soften before adding to the batch.

In very few cases, certain surfactants, solubilisers or emulsifiers may show incompatibilities with the active (Lavender) in these spheres.

Processing Lavener Spheres


Processing Lavener Spheres

The incorporation of these spheres into a final product is not a complicated or time-consuming task. Only a few tips should be considered:

Lavender Spheres are not soluble in water and generally they are not very hygroscopic. So when these are added to formulations containing water, like emulsions, surfactant products or aqueous gels, the water will slowley penetrate into the spheres and they soften.

In pure water, they will soften within a few minutes. In cosmetic formulations, depending from the amount and availability of free, non-bonded water, this process can take some hours to some days. This softening can take some time, depending on the type of final product.  Increased temperatures will accelerate this process.

As Lavender Spheres are macroscopic beads, any significant mechanical processes should be avoided during all manufacturing and filling procedures. High Shear homogenisation, which is a common process for emulsifying and mixing of cosmetic formulations, will destroy the beads. This is why the spheres should be added at the end of the manufacturing process only with slow stirring.

For storage and filling, the bulk product can be safely pumped (using a membrane, peristaltic or piston pump) and filled without breakage. It is often best to fill the products as soon as possible after the addition of Beads, whilest they are still hard, as the risk of breaking will increase with the softening of the spheres.

Considering normal hygienic procedures, there is no risk of contamination of the finished product with the addition of spheres, as they do not contain any active water and thus the absence of any microorganisms is guaranteed.


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