Decyl Glucosides, APG

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Decyl Glucoside
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 Decyl Glucoside

Decyl Glucoside in cosmetic skin care offers the following benefits

  • surfactant
  • good foaming power
  • compatible with all surfactant systems
  • tolerant of high electrolyte formulations ( eg. Aloe Vera)
  • compatible with a number of cationic conditioning agents
  • mild but effective cleansing
  • improves skin tolerance of the formulation
  • maintains skin balance without dryness

Derived from sugar these surfactants are readily bio-degradable, extremely mild and perform well in hard water conditions together with a very low toxicity.

Decyl glucoside exhibits all of the mildness traits of nonionics, with the foam of an anionic. It is this unique characteristic that enables it to be utilized as both a primary and co-surfactant in formulations. Several clinical skin irritancy tests show decyl glucoside to be non irritating, even  at high concentrations with an extended contact period of 24 hours.

Many formulators with a natural focus  are now turning to decyl glucoside as their primary, and in some cases their only, surfactant. It is so mild that it doesn't require blending with any of the mildness additives.

Polyglycose (decyl glucoside) is considered to be part of a new generation of surfactants. In Europe, which have one of the strictest cosmetic regulations in place under the EU Cosmetics Directive, the demand for this alkyl polyglucosides has increased enormously.


Product details

Product details


Name: Polyglycose, AlkylPolyglucoside, APG, Decyl Glucoside

INCI: Decyl glucoside



Identifier Name APG 0810
Chemical Name Octyl-Decyl Glucoside/ C8-10 fatty alcohol glucoside
C number C8-C10
CAS No. 68515-73-1
Appearance Light yellow liquid
Active Substance (wt%) ≥50%
pH (25℃,20% in 15% isopropanol) 11.5~12.5   *)
Viscosity  mPas (25 C) ≤500
Free fatty alcohol ≤1%
Ash ≤2%

*) need pH strips or pH meter to neutralise/adjust in formulation


Typical properties

  • amber viscous liquid
  • characteristic surfactant odour
  • water soluble
  • store away from direct cold, in tightly closed containers
  • solidifies below 15 degrees Celsius but becomes liquid again upon heating.

Due to temperature fluctuations during shipping, if it has become solid simply place your bottle in a warm water bath to liquify.


Storage: Store in cool and dry place. Keep away from direct strong light and heat



  • add to the oil or water phase    
  • mix into formulations whilst preventing excessive foam formation     
  • maintain pH of finished product between 6.0 and 8.0


Good compatibility with other ingredients, and displays synergic effect with other surfactants, mild to skin, and reduces the irritation potential  of cosmetic formulation system

Suggested percentage :2%to 40%



Application in: shampoos (anti-dandruff, anti-seborrheic, conditioners, frequent use, etc...), shower gels, bubble baths, dermatological liquid soaps, cleansers, and shaving foams.


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