Calendula Extract OS

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Calendula Extract OS
Calendula Extract OS calendula
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Calendula Extract Oil Soluble

Botanical Name: Calendula officinalis

Standardisation: 1:2

Calendula Extract OS is full of active ingredients that provide extensive skin soothing, and protection.  The extract of Calendula is well known throughout herbal history for it's ability to treat dry, irritated, or stressed skin.  A wonderful choice for baby and sensitive skin where it delivers moisture repair, and skin soothing activity, from the first application.

Calendula Extract OS is extracted in Caprylic Capric TriGlycerides which provides a dry silky feel, minimises irritation, and avoids oxidation which reduces shelf life.  Caprylic Capric TriGlycerides is a specific cosmetic ester, of selected coconut oil fatty acids, i.e. only the more stable, and skin loving, caprylic & capric fatty acids.  These specific fatty acids are responsible for the silky, powdery feel, of CCTG which absorbs readily, without the usual greasy feel, of standard carrier oils.  This oil is often and mistakenly called fractionated coconut oil, which is a standard distillation of coconut oil which results in a combination of all of the fatty acids, including the less desired acids, and has the feel, and performance, of traditional vegetable oils, not the dry, silkiness, of Caprylic Capric TriGlycerides.

The combination of these two components results in a powerful, moisturizing, oil that spreads across the skin, with no friction, delivering the active constituents to the tissues where the moisturizing activity can go to work to soothe, soften, and heal the skin.


The petals and pollen of Calendula officinalis contain flavonol glycosides,triterpenoid esters and the carotenoids flavoxanthin and auroxanthin (antioxidants, and the source of the yellow-orange coloration). The leaves and stems contain other carotenoids, mostly lutein (80%) and zeaxanthin (5%), and beta-carotene. Plant extracts are also widely used in cosmetics, due to presence of compounds such as saponins, resins and essential oils.

The flowers of Calendula officinalis contain , triterpene oligoglycosides, oleanane-type triterpene glycosides, saponins, and a sesquiterpene glucoside.

Fatty Acid composition of seed


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