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Stephensons Melt and Pour Soaps

The Stephensons soap base is an extreemely easy to use product. With this you can make soapbars of almost any colour, which can be fragranced to your requirements and can even incorporate novelty items.

Some basic procedures:

Finished soap bars are made by melting the Stephensons Soap Base and pouring the melted soap into moulds. The soap bar will always be of good quality if this procedure is followed.

1. Molds.

The molds must be clean and manufactured from suitable materials. Moulds made from any plastic material (including silicone) are suitable but it should be noted that moulds made from iron, copper or brass may sometimes discolour the soap bar.

2. Melting the soap base.

The soap base must be heated in a suitable container to melt it. Glass and Stainless Steel containers are ideal whereas iron, brass or copper may add to discolouration of the soap. Heating must be done carefully to avoid overheating the melt and pour soap. If the soap base is overheated it may become dark in colour in addition it is often the cause of 'sweating'.  If the soap is being heated by an electric element or by gas flame it must be continiously stirred to avoid overheating, indirect heating is the preferred option.

3. Correct pouring temperature and pouring technique.

The M&P soap base should be completely molten and taken to a temperature between 65 and 75 °C  It should be slowly stirred whilst warming to keep the temperature in the container uniform. When the temperature is between 65 and 75 °C. stirring should be stopped to allow air bubbles to rise out of the soap. Best results will be obtained if the soap is run into moulds from the bottom of the container used for melting the M&P soap base. If the soap is poured from the top of the container, it should be poured slowly to avoid getting air bubbles in the block of soap. The molded soap bars should be handled carefully until they are completely cool. (typically below 30 °C)

4. Removal from the mould. packing and storing.

The soap bar will release from the mould more easily if it has been left for 24 hours in a cool place. When the soap bar has been removed from the mould it should be wrapped immediately in clear film to retain an attractive appearance. The soap should be ideally stored at temperatures not below 5 C and not above 30 °C.


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