Though many of these carrier oils (vegetable oils) are food grade oils, they are not intended for consumption. No products offered are intended for consumption as food item. All products are for topical use in personal care products only.

All carrier oils (vegetable oils) should be stored, and handled, to avoid exposure to light, air and heat as much as possible. Whilst Vegetable Carrier Oils do not spoil, they are subject to rancidity due to oxidation. Oxidation is caused by air, light and heat.

  • We recommend that you transfer to a small working bottle to work out of when you buy the more exotic, and therefore less stable, carrier oils (vegetable oils) in large quantity. In that way you can prevent the constant exposure to air as you open the bottle for repeated use.
  • When pouring carrier oils (vegetable oils) from the bottle it will help to wipe the rim with Isopropanol to prevent the build-up of oils on the rim, which will quickly oxidise, if not removed thoroughly and possibly contaminate the next blend you make. For best results use a pipette to remove oil from the more fragile oil bottles, to avoid oxidation on the rim.
  • Do not store Carrier Oils under refrigeration, unless otherwise directed, as this will cause a drastic temperature variation from the product to the outside air, when removed for use, and will cause condensation inside the bottle, which is introducing water. If this happens you will be subjecting your carrier oils (vegetable oils) to the micro organisms that attack the water phase , which are bacteria, mould and fungus, and may reduce the shelf life.
  • Our carrier oils (vegetable oils) are shipped in white PET plastic bottles. For protection from light we recommend that you either store these in a cupboard or cover the entire bottle with a dark, non transparent, label.
  • Never touch the lip of the bottle to anything that you are pouring into as you will be contaminating the bottle, and then the carrier oil, with whatever may be on the other surface.

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