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We are an online cosmetic ingredient supplier based in Sydney, NSW who is able to supply organic and natural ingredients for skin, hair and beauty care. eBotaniq has been established to supply quality naturally sourced raw materials, ingredients, high quality fragrance and colours. We are also able to supply information needed to make natural cosmetics, ranging from make up, skin care, hair, massage, aromatherapy to spa and bath products.

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We maintain a daily verified mcafee secure shopping environment to ensure that you can enjoy a one-stop shop for cosmetic and craft ingredients.  We are here to help you with information, equipment, inspiration and information whether you make your own:

Cosmetic Creams & Lotion  Anti-Wrinkle products
Spa products Salon products
 Massage products  Skin Toners
 Lip Balms  Peelers
 Face and Body Gels  Ointments
Exfoliaters  Cleansers
Scrubs  Face & Body Masks
Shampoo-Conditioners  Foam Baths
Glycerine Soaps  Natural Perfume
 Face and Body Gels  Ointments
 Massage products  Skin Toners
Mineral Makeup  

and many more.   We also can supply Ready-Made Product bases, which can be tailored to your own requirements by your choice of essential oils and ingredients.  Once completed these then can be packed with your own brand name for use at home or to be sold at salons, markets, etc


Who is using our products

Who is using our products?

        •     Home crafters / Hobbyists
        •     Professional Complementary Therapists
        •     Aroma therapists, Massage Therapists, Refloxologists
        •     Salon Owners
        •     Professional Beauty Therapists and Estheticians
        •    Those who want to start or expand a business;
        •    Or individuals who simply want to be in control of what they and their families put on their skin and hair.

 Whatever the reason you want to make your products, you can create your own range of products and even personalise products for you, your clients or the public using natural active ingredients that will get real results in hair, skin and body care.


Suppliers with Confidence

Suppliers with Confidence

Many of our raw materials have been certified by our suppliers as either natural or organic or both and because we take the utmost care, you can be confident that the organic raw materials you purchase from us are indeed the quality stated. We pride ourselves on being an ethical business in all ways possible. We have developed an honest and open relationship with our suppliers and growers, and appreciate the pride and care with which they produce their goods. Product Quality and Customer Service will always come first for us.


For more information or to place an order, browse through our products and buy securely online or email us.   on  Mondays to Fridays between 10am-3pm (AEST).

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Whilst we are most of the time away from the office,we understand that there are times you need to contact us. So please leave a text message on the phone +61 (0)490 069 282 and we will get back to you ASAP;  typically this will be after 17h00 or the next day.

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